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Christ’s Gift Of Humanity (11/26/17) Dennis Godinhebrews 2 18

Thanks Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder (11/19/17) Dennis Godin1-thessalonians-5-18

This Means War (10/29/17) Dennis GodinThis Means War

Are You Distracted (10/15/17) Dennis Godin1 Corinthians 9 24-27

Help Me In My Unbelief (10/8/17) Dennis Godin


That You May Know (10/1/17) Dennis Godin1-john-5-13

Where Words Are Many (9/24/17) Dennis Godinprov10-19s

Don’t Lose Heart (09/03/17) Dennis Godin


Priests Of The King (08/27/17) Dennis Godin


Living In The Presence Of God (08/20/17) Bradford Shaw


Grace And Truth (8/13/17) Dennis Godin


Peace In Tribulation (08/06/17) Dennis Godin


Finding Our Way To Satisfaction (07/30/17) John Marescot

philippians 4 12-13

Who Is God (07/09/17) Matt Sampson


Out Of Appreciation (07/02/17) Dennis Godinencourage

luke 5 14-16


hebrews 4 14-16

Hebrews+11 39,40

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised. God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.



Romans 8-11

at one ment

hope and holiness





worth lamb-of-god shadowarticle-010817 stewardship-1024x591the-responsibility-of-stewardship bm21tjncaaaxsc_article-122516 stewardship-1024x591article-121816 love-in-actionarticle-121116 everybitcounts ontherock thankyougod goingbeyond pray4thempray-for-them king-of-kings gospelofjohnaccording-to-the-gospel-of-john james-1-27-pure-and-undefiled-religion-sage-copy hebrews-12-2aoh-to-be-like-him





bind us together

day by day



matt conquer fear

galatians 5 17 Giftedness July 10, 2016 by Dennis Godin

2_peter_3-18 Than Giftedness July 3, 2016 by Dennis Godin

1-peter-4Don’t Lose Heart June 26, 2016 by Dennis Godin

ephesians 4 29Words of Encouragement June 19, 2016 by Dennis Godin

1 John 5 14Why Pray? Part 2 June 12, 2016 by Dennis Godin

Isaiah 55Why Pray? Part 1 June 5, 2016 by Dennis Godin

Colossians 3 12Our Lives in Christ May 29, 2016 by Larry Butler

romans 12 15Genuine Care for Others May 22, 2016 by Dennis Godin

tuitFaith & Works May 15, 2016 by Dennis Godin

2-Corinthians-5-15Who Are We? May 8, 2016 by Dennis Godin

2-corinthians-5-14-15He Is the Reason May 1, 2016 by Dennis Godin

Ephesians 3 20The Building of the Tabernacle April 17, 2016 by Dennis Godin

Matthew 25 21It Really is Important March 27, 2016 by Dennis Godin

Romans 12 6The Gift of Encouragement March 20, 2016 by Dennis Godin

james1-2Help Us to See You March 13, 2016 by Dennis Godin

1 John 3 18There is More to It March 6, 2016 by Dennis Godin

i-need-thee-every-hour-01 I Need Thee February 28, 2016 by Dennis Godin

philippians 2 7Look Toward Him February 21, 2016 by Dennis Godin  Lesson Text: Philippians 2:7-8

1 Peter 4 10

With Good Reason February 14, 2016 by Dennis Godin


As We Have February 7, 2016 by Dennis Godin

james-verse  Seeing and Doing January 31, 2016 by Larry Butler

Do good 2January 17, 2016 Lesson by Tony Lemay

CompelledThe Love of Christ Compels Us January 10, 2016 by Joe Romano

reflectA Time to Reflect and Set Goals January 3, 2016by Tony Lemay

Ephesians 4 32

Giving and Receiving December 20, 2015 by Dennis Godin

psalm 103 12Absolute Forgiveness December 13, 2015 by Dennis Godin

do good

Spiritual Giftedness December 6, 2015 by Dennis Godin


Who Do You Say that I Am? November 29, 2015 By Joe Romano

Psalm 107Thank You Lord  November 22, 2015 By Dennis Godin

living sacrifice I Am Part of a Whole November 15, 2015 By Dennis Godin

Come_follow_me_TITLETeach Them About the Inside November 8, 2015 By Dennis Godin

Stay focusedTeach Them to Stay Focused November 1, 2015 By Dennis Godin

john 14 23Mutual Relationship October 18, 2015 by Dennis Godin

2 timothy 2 3Be Ready Always October 11, 2015 by Dennis Godin

appleSpiritual Diet October 4, 2015 by Dennis Godin

church unityThe Importance of “We” September 27 By Dennis Godin

imitators of GodOvercoming Imperfection September 20 By Dennis Godin

love of GodMimicking Love September 13 By Dennis Godin

God is loveBeing Filled with His Love September 6, 2015 By Dennis Godin

responsibilityPersonal Responsibility August 30, 2015 By Larry Butler

love GodLearning About Love August 23, 2015 By Dennis Godin

repentanceLearning About Repentance August 16, 2015 By Dennis Godin

lightThis Little Light of Mine August 9, 2015 By Dennis Godin

gospel Working for the Gospel August 2, 2015 By Dennis Godin

armor-sketch1The Need is Real July 19, 2015 By Dennis Godin

confidence A Disciple’s Confidence July 12, 2015 By Dennis Godin

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Bible and Oil Lamp Use the Lamp June 28, 2015 By Dennis Godin

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Acknowledging Him Part 2 June 7, 2015 By Dennis Godin

1-john-2-15-do-not-love-the-world-nor-the-things-in-the-world.-If-anyone-loves-the-world-love-for-the-Father-is-not-in-himDo Not Love The World May 31, 2015 By John Marescot

clockHow Do You Spend Your Time May 24, 2015 By Brad Shaw

ethiopian eunuchWhat Did He Preach May 18, 2015 By Dennis Godin

lambWho Is He May 10, 2015 By Dennis Godin

who am iWho Am I? May 2, 2015 By Dennis Godin

1 peter 3 16A Good Conscience April 19, 2015 By Dennis Godin

baptismBaptismal Regeneration  April 12, 2015 By Dennis Godin

hope-sunMy Hope is Built On April 5, 2015 By Dennis Godin

contendingContending for Christ March 29, 2015 By Robert Balsamo

hopeHope’s Address March 22, 2015 By Dennis Godin

Christian-AskingThe Best Christians are Dead Christians March 15, 2015 By Scotty Sparks

hope-sun Presenting Your Hope March 8, 2015 By Dennis Godin