Minister Dennis Godin

Born in 1960, Dennis has lived in southern Maine for the majority of his life.  He has been married for more than 30 years to his wife Deborah.  Dennis and his wife have three amazing young men as sons.  Matthew, the oldest, is married and has two children and is presently serving our country in the military.  Joseph is also married and has one child.  Dennis Jr. has a degree in aeronautical engineering and is living in the south.  


In 1985 Dennis and his wife obeyed the gospel and God’s marvelous plan began to unfold.  In 1990 they set sail for Lubbock, Texas to attend what was known at that time as the Sunset School of Preaching.  Graduating in 1992, Dennis and Debbie returned to southern Maine and began to work with our church family in Biddeford.  Dennis was asked to assume the preaching role.

You can contact him at

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